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Can be a very hard marketing vertical to scale and to successfully measure. Woobii has developed processes and standards that aren\E2?Tt only trackable but scalable.

Influencer marketing doesn\E2?Tt have to be fluff but can be a sales channel and an imperative part of every marketing strategy.


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  • Brands and Agencies contact Woobii because we\E2?Tre the pioneers of Influencer Marketing, and we are the best at what we do.
  • Experts will cultivate a campaign around specific goals that will guarantee success. Our specialists ACTUALLY know how Influencer Marketing works and will do any and all creative around the campaign.
  • Disbribute the most organic and relatable content, to millions of consumers across the globe.
  • Unlike everyone else we actually either represent our Influencers or have direct relationships with talent globally. Once we\E2?Tve crafted the strategy, we contract the world\E2?Ts best content creators to tell your story to their audience.
  • Analytics: Woobii offers incredible insight and data into all of the results of the campaign, in real time, with the ability to tailor to maximize ROI.
  • ROUND 2: Woobii has a 98% retention rate and that\E2?Ts because we are ACTUALLY the best at what we do.

Travel agency, tour agency, tour guide, travel agent, travel magazine, travel company etc..

Travel influencer, travel blogger, photographer, videomaker, travel marketer, etc...


Our agency caters to all of our clients\E2?T needs, we aren\E2?Tt simply an influencer marketing company.
We believe in driving the full value out of influencer marketing and to do that you need all the tools.

- Paid Social
- Programmatic
- \E2?oSocial\E2?\9D Experiential
- Social Management and Growth
- Start Up Incubator Program
- Social Media Consulting
- Social Content, Video Content, Commercial

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Case Studies

AFAQ Travel & Tourism Oman have developed a partnership to execute strategic influencer marketing campaigns globally. Over the past 2 months, we're starting a successful campaign and now consider AFAQ Travel & Tourism Oman one of our premier Oman Clients.

With more than 100 posts spanning across Instagram, Facebook and Youtube over 30 days, the influencers shared their experiences in Muscat, Desert, River, Beach and Mountain with their combined following of Million.

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We help our clients to strategize, create and execute influencer marketing campaigns that are effective. First we understand and establish the desired activity goal:

- Do you want to increase your awareness?
- Do you want to have a more tangible action (e.g. drive users to your e-commerce)?

We will help you do that \E2?" and most importantly \E2?" help you report tangible metrics.

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Content is king in social media and the key for Influencers to differentiate themselves from each other among their audiences. Influencers are communicators who open doors to universes of loyal followers can easily and organically amplify messages, stories, establish or further develop images, connecting brands and individuals at each posting.

At Woobii, we connect brands with their best matching influencers: from the fresh/new voices, the \E2?oon their way\E2?\9D personalities, the already known characters, and the well-established and experienced influencers, that will incorporate your product/service into their everyday lives.

We also provide content through our own global platform to promote brands and products with relevant and creative storytelling, voiced by an influencer, based on authenticity.

Travel agency, tour agency, tour guide, travel agent, travel magazine, travel company etc..

Travel influencer, travel blogger, photographer, videomaker, travel marketer, etc...